Brooklyn, NY – The Capital for Contemporary Art in America

Come to Brooklyn and you have now entered the mecca of contemporary art for the United States in the 21st century. Comparable to 19th-century Paris and 18th-century Rome- Brooklyn is home to one of the largest concentrations of artists in the world.

Come to Brooklyn and you are bound to find both commercial galleries and nonprofit and artist-run spaces — thousands upon thousands of places you can visit during open-studio weekends the community scatters throughout the year.

Unfortunately, this transformation of neighborhoods from areas chalk-full of abandoned warehouses into a booming artistic community is an all to well-known progression in society. Artists “gentrify” neighborhoods, drawing tourists, artists and other residents into the area, only to later be forced out by rising rents that are unmanageable for the same artists who allowed the community to thrive.

As Brooklyn begins to attract restaurants, upscale shops and more and more people, the artists slowly get pushed out of the community. That’s happening here, and some fear that even the artist-run spaces contribute to this process.

Will Brooklyn remain the artist run community it has become, or is it destined to have the same fate as Chelsea, New York’s last artist community that experienced great success until collapsing due to high-paying tenants?

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