Preventative and Predictive Medicine: The Nexus DNA Chip

Imagine a world where anyone can be tested for diseases they may be genetically predisposed for, and treated before symptoms arise. Dr. Brandon Colby has made this no longer a concept for science fiction, but actually put into practice by the Doctor and his company, Existence Genetics.

The result of the innovative thinking driving the company is startling. The Nexus DNA Chip can be, and is currently being, used to screen patients for diseases inherited on a genetic scale–including Alzheimer’s, many cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, and even asthma.

In 2010, Dr. Brandon Colby published “Outsmart Your Genes” — a book outlining the benefits of predictive medicine, and subsequently preventative. Dr. Colby outlines benefits of being aware of genes so the measures can be taken early on–either curing, or assisting in the treatment of many conditions.

In the past. most diseases or conditions presented itself before it could be treated. The Nexus DNA chip has revolutionized the scope of genetic medicine, creating infinite possibilities–from extending human life to the total eradication of many illnesses altogether.

Dr. Brandon Colby’s  DNA chip is far ahead of its time–predictive medicine is not going anywhere. Within the next few years, expect to see the Nexus DNA chip in hospitals and doctor’s offices everywhere changing, and saving lives.

You can view Dr. Colby’s book via here.

2 thoughts on “Preventative and Predictive Medicine: The Nexus DNA Chip

  1. vicioussorrel

    “Brave New World” -Aldous Huxley.. ¿ Although I can see benefit being a human being in a fleshly body, it is wrong to play with Gods laws. There will be nothing good of it.


  2. ajromanowriting Post author

    I certainly contemplated the same dilemma when composing this post, and I want to thank you for raising the issue honestly. I am actually also very well-versed in Huxley’s work–The Doors of Perception got me hooked on his work and ideals. The resolution I came to is this: God, Buddha, Allah, or whichever name you choose for our common higher power would not have given man the ingenuity and intelligence to create such a device if He or She did not have a reason for it. If this chip can help eradicate a disease such as Alzheimer’s–which is not in and of itself fatal, but perhaps one of the most devastating diagnosis’–why should that be prevented? Thank you again for creating this dialogue, and I look forward to your feedback!



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