Musician of the Day

It is rare that a group of incredibly talented musicians find each other and can play beyond their egos–starting an ascend ending in greatness. It takes more than talent to compose a brilliant band however–hard work, dedication, constant innovation and learning, as well as an almost need to become better are all indicators of great bands…qualities today’s Musician of the Day embody.

Hailing from Central New Jersey, The Ugly Club’s multiple successful trips to SXSW as well as NXNE has given them the exposure they deserve as incredibly intelligent musical minds. When combined, Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Joe Stasio, Ryan McNulty, and Rick Sue-Poi create melodies reminiscent of a hybrid between Coldplay and Queen. Their full-length album, You Belong to the Minutes is a masterpiece, showcasing both their artistry and attention to detail.

As my dear friends, I have witnessed firsthand their dedication and evolution into the musicians they are today, completely cohesive and in sync constantly. The sky is the limit for The Ugly Club–taking the alternative music scene by storm.



If you want to be considered for a spot as our musician of the day, contact us below…

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