Musician of the Day 4/11/2014

Hello inter web!

Today’s musician of the day, Jason Fandino, is an incredibly talented keyboard player with experience in multiple different disciplines. His current project, named Figure 8, hails from Central and Northern New Jersey and are certainly making a splash on the music industry as a whole.

Jason has a diverse background, playing in highly acclaimed and hard working New Jersey bands such as The Battle Begun. He truly shows his diversity and multifaceted technique and precision when in the limelight, as well as in a supporting role–he is one of the few contemporary up and comers in the industry whose true knowledge and feeling of music comes out in all circumstances, complementing anyone lucky enough to take the stage with him.

Take a few minutes to check out Jason Fandino in the following song “The Enemy is Me”, performed by Figure 8 in Union, New Jersey, as well as below in a special improvisational performance featuring myself on the mic, Jason on keys, and our very good friend Steve Kelly on guitar.




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