Why I Think Law and Order SVU Needs to Be Pulled Off the Air

As a victim of sexual abuse, I am astounded that Law and Order SVU has been renewed for another season. The show has gotten more graphic, more detailed, and is extremely triggering to people like myself who struggle with PTSD. There is absolutely no reason a show like this should be on the air.

I used to watch the show, but no longer can even stand to watch the coming attractions for new episodes. They are horrific and gruesome and bring back negative memories of past sexual abuse.

According to statistics from RAINN.org, someone is sexually assualted every TWO MINUTES in the United States. 97% of rapists will NEVER spend a day in jail because people are afraid to come foreward after such an event.  There is an average of 237,868 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year.

I have started a petition on Change.org calling for NBC to pull the show off of the air. I would greatly appreciate it if you sign my petition and help NBC know that the show is completely inappropriate.

Sign the petition, share it with your friends, and help me get Law and Order SVU off of the air.

SVU signed for Season 16- Sign My Petition to PULL THIS SHOW!

SVU signed for Season 16- Sign My Petition to PULL THIS SHOW!


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