Is Massage Therapy Right for You?

What is Massage Therapy and What is a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy is a relaxation and stress reduction technique aimed at easing pain and tension in the muscles. Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and has evolved over time to become a reputable form of treatment for numerous medical problems.

Massage therapists are certified and trained in numereous techniques to increase flexibility and blood circulation in the muscles, improving movement and decreasing pain. They usually work at massage clinics, day spas, medical facilities and fitness facilities.

photograph by Kathleen Odenthal

The goal of a massage therapist is to increase their clients’ comfort, decrease their pain, improve their flexibility and help them relax. People use massage therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from recreational to medical. Most massage therapists attend school for their associates of occupational studies degree in therapuetic massage before taking the MBLEx exam.

Massage Therapy Program Descriptions:

A college-level training in massage therapy includes a well-rounded program including classes in Swedish massage, neuromuscular techniques, infant and prenatal massage, sports massage, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and more. Communication classes are incorporated to help students learn how to interact with patients. Safety and hygiene issues are also addressed before graduation, as well as preparation for the MBLEx exam.

Students are trained to understand the human body inside and out, so that they know why people get pain and where it comes from, as well as how to make it go away. From back problems to migraines, massage therapists may not be medical doctors, but they do have a working knowledge of the human anatomy and are trained to deal with issues like circulatory problems, muscle tension, tendinitis, digestive issues and more.

Many programs include business management programs for those interested in running their own private practices or spas.

Who Should Consider a Massage Therapy Career?

Massage therapists work in the healthcare industry to improve others’ health and well-being. It is a hands on job that requires patience, care and a desire to help others. If you have a passion for helping others, if you work well with others and if you want a career with flexible hours, a job in the therapuetic massage field might be perfect for you. Massage therapists should be outgoing, compassionate and have extreme attention to detail.

Careers for Massage Therapy Program Graduates:

Those who graduate from a massage therapy program have a wide range of career options available. From owning and running your own spa to working in a clinic, possessing a degree in therapuetic massage opens the doors to many career opportunities including:

  • Owning a private practice
  • Running your own day spa
  • Running your own massage clinic
  • Massage clinic technician
  • Hotel or resort therapuetic masseuse
  • Fitness club masseuse
  • Salon masseuse
  • Sports team masseuse
  • Pain management worker

Jobs in the field of massage therapy are in high demand. Not only does an education in therapeutic massage open up the doors to a number of great job opportunities, it also gives you great skills you can use on yourself to relieve pain and stress.

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